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    Blood is one of the vital element of human body. In 21st century many medical advances that have improved the treatment of serious illness & injuries have increased the need for the blood transfusion. Patient going through any sort of surgery trauma & cancers often come across urgent need of blood to support them through recovery & maintain their health. Apart from this, patients suffering from sickle cell & thalassemia need blood transfusion on regular basis for their survival.
    As blood can not be manufactured & can only be obtained from human beings, there is a constant need for voluntary blood donation.
    At times even blood banks can not make available requisite blood to patients & it becomes very difficult for the patients to find donor with specific blood group because of lack of proper communication with voluntary donors residing in our Gondia territory.
    Gondia Blood Donors (GBD) has been formed with an aim to bring all the scattered donors of Gondia under one umbrella named www.gondiablooddonors.com and to bridge the gap between needy patients & voluntary non-remunerated donors of Gondia.
    GBD has been formed with a vision to overcome various flaws in proper blood supply such as lack of proper communication, scattered donors, blood trade and other various malpractices in the blood donation process with the use of contemporary technology.

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आपकी निजी जानकारी को पूरी तरह से गोपनीय रखा जाएगा और इसे हमारी आंतरिक प्रक्रियाओं के अनुसार ही उपयोग किया जाएगा. )
I agreed to save a life whenever there is a need of blood in my town.

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    * Registration Starts from 7th July

    * Blood Camps & Campaigning Date will announced on website

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    By volunteering time with your local City, you will contribute to your community's blood supply and change lives, starting with your own Get it here »

Gondiablooddonors एक निशुल्क कार्य करने वाले लोगो का समूह है किसी के द्रारा हमारे नाम से पैसे मांगे जाने पर हमे 902-1581947 पर कॉल करे          Gondiablooddonors is a group of voluntary people. We do not charge/encourage any fee for services rendered by us. Please don’t give monetary rewards in our regards.And kindly inform us for such malpractices at 902-1581947.