About Us

Often we listen people saying blood bank doesn’t cooperate with the blood requirement. Many a times we listen in an accident case someone lost his life for unavailability of blood.

Many a times, people suffering from Thalassemia, sickle cell anemia etc. Hemoglobin related generic diseases which require blood transfusion did not receive blood in timely basis & their blood transfusion has to be delayed.Many surgeries, trauma, cancers requires blood on time which many a times cannot be gathered in time.

So, we have got our inspiration from such issues for which timely unavailability of blood can be determined to health & sometimes to the life of patient. GBD is an initiative to bring prosperous donors in the Gondia region & need of blood to a common platform.

  • We have a little dream of 100% voluntary blood donation in our region.
  • We have a vision of swift hustle free blood donation.

Through this websites we join with donors who are willing to donate blood, as well as provide timeliest support to those in frantic need of it. In our region many individuals & social organization are already doing promising job in blood donation. But GBD has been formed to join hands with all these persons & organization as well as join them all together with a promising web portal & fulfill every blood request in our region. GBD is a dedicated group of young persons in the city who have joined hands with a common motto.

“Service to man is a service to god”